Marine Science Career Information

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The field of marine science is exciting and fun! So, what makes a good marine scientist? What kinds of jobs do marine scientists do? And what should you be doing now to prepare to become a marine scientist?

Who Are Marine Scientists?

Marine scientists come from all over the world! Each one brings his or her own ideas to the job, but there are some characteristics that most marine scientists share:

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What Do Marine Scientists Do?

Ocean FEST image A career as a marine scientist offers many chances to travel and explore the world! You can find marine scientists:

But that isn't all! Do you go the beach or enjoy sailing? Or do you like eating seafood? Those are just a few ways that people use the ocean. Marine scientists help ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the ocean for many more years!

Becoming a Marine Scientist

Ocean FEST image Now that you know a little bit about what marine scientists are like and what they do, are you thinking about becoming a marine scientist? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Additional References

Ocean FEST image These websites provide some general information about marine science careers:


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